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AX Track’s technology is Thatcham approved & Secured By Design (SBD)

At AX Track, we’re passionate about our vehicle tracking technology’s functionality, design and performance. Over the last ten years, we’ve developed a comprehensive portfolio of solutions that have impacted many lives.

Our team is always striving for excellence — which is why we’re proud to share that our technology is Thatcham Approved & Secured by Design (SBD). 

But what does this mean? We’ll tell you more about the vehicle security expert, Thatcham Research, and why their accreditation is important to AX Track. 

Who are the vehicle security experts, Thatcham Research?

Established in 1969, Thatcham Research is a leading research and testing centre specialising in vehicle safety, security and telematics. In particular, Thatcham Research is well-known for its expertise in car trackers.

Thatcham Research works with industry stakeholders to develop criteria for rating car trackers according to various safety protocols and assess their effectiveness. These protocols include reliability, functionality design and performance.

To ensure products meet industry standards, they’re tested under the new Thatcham Security Certification and categorised. Our solutions fall under the Thatcham Category S7 — we’ll explain what this means later in the blog.  


What does a Thatcham accreditation mean for AX Track?

The Thatcham accreditation is important for AX Track because it’s a quality assurance mark and shows our products meet stringent safety requirements.

It also highlights that our market-leading solutions have been tested to the highest standard. When you partner with AX Track, you can feel assured that you’re in the safest possible hands.

Not only are we accredited by one of the UK’s most prominent players in the vehicle security market, but we also:

  • Have recovered over £5m worth of stolen vehicles in the last five years
  • Have a 99.1% vehicle recovery rate which is unmatched in the industry
  • Have recovered all stolen vehicles within a 24 hour period

In addition to our tried, tested and reliable technology, our operation is supported by a team of experienced professionals who’ve recovered stolen vehicles across the globe. This is what makes us stand out, providing that extra level of trust to all of our customers.  

Which Thatcham categories do our products fall under? 

AX Track’s products fall under Category S7. This new classification for vehicle trackers was previously considered category seven or category six without ADR.

The Thatcham Category S7 is a comprehensive vehicle tracking and security system thatis able to locate your vehicle and provide the best chance of recovery, should it be stolen.  

Once your vehicle is installed with an S7 tracker, you will receive a Thatcham certificate, which can reduce your motor insurance premiums.

Each S7 tracker has a range of premium features that help track and locate your vehicle. These include GPS tracking and cellular signal.

Our state-of-the-art technology, combined with the team’s wealth of experience in vehicle safety, ensures we provide the best chance of vehicle recovery to victims of theft. 

A look at our other industry partnerships

Having proven our technology and integrity with NAVCIS, Interpol and the National Crime Agency, we continue building relationships and working with all the different areas of law enforcement.

The UK Police

AX Track has ‘Police Preferred Specification’ status under the Secured By Design accreditation scheme, issued on behalf of the UK Police for products or services that have met recognised security standards. 


AX Track is recommended by Aviva and is included as an Aviva Speciality Product. The Aviva Specialist Product provides a comprehensive security package which includes 24/7 monitoring and tamper alerts — all designed to provide you with peace of mind. 


AX Track is also highly recommended by Hiscox to motor insurance customers who own high-value, luxury and classic cars. You can learn more about our relationship with Hiscox and why this leading insurer recommends our solutions by watching the video below.

We’re proud of our accreditations and the strong relationships we’ve built over the years. It’s a testament to our commitment to vehicle safety and provides our customers with the peace of mind they need.

If you’re interested in finding out more about AX Track, some of our most up-to-date statistics (including recovery rate percentages over the last five years) and how our processes work, discover more about us below.