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Whether you need a tracker fitting to one vehicle or a fleet of 50 vans, we can get it sorted. Our prices vary depending on your needs. To get an accurate breakdown of our prices and start a conversation with our team, fill out the form and we’ll be in touch soon. 



Why AX Track? 

car key

Our current recovery rate stands at 99.1% — this is unmatched in the industry

24 hours

Any stolen vehicles with an AX tracker fitted have been recovered within 24 hours

pound (3)

The total YTD value of vehicles recovered is £3.53m (for 95 vehicles)

Who do we fit trackers for?

Who do we fit trackers for?

Personal vehicles

Having a tracker fitted on your personal vehicle will help you sleep better at night, especially when it’s the most effective tracking technology in the industry. This technology has received Thatcham Category S7 approval which can be quoted for insurance purposes. 

Fleets of vehicles

Do you have a fleet of vans or company cars? We can offer a solution for you. As well as being able to track the location of stolen assets, our trackers  reduce insurance premiums, helping your business cut costs along the way. 

Heavy machinery

We also provide tracking solutions for heavy machinery such as tractors or diggers. You might own a farm or a plant hire company and want trackers fitted on your vehicles. If so, this is something we can support you with. 


Aree you the owner of a caravan? If so, you likely paid good money for this asset. Our tracker can provide you with peace of mind that should you ever become a victim of theft, you’ll be in the best possible hands when it comes to tracking and recovering your pride and joy. 

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Who have we helped in the past? 

AX Track technology was used to remotely track a stolen vehicle from the UK to Mombasa Port in Kenya, hidden inside a steel shipping container. Watch the video to find out more about the operation and why it was so successful.

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