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AX Track recovers luxury motorhome fitted with covert caravan tracker

As technology for criminal activities advances, it seems that thieves always find new ways to outsmart conventional security measures.

This is especially concerning for the caravan and motorhome industry, as traditional tracking units are being detected and removed from stolen vehicles by these sophisticated criminals, according to telematics expert AX Track. 

However, AX Track has a unique solution. Recently, they managed to recover a luxury motorhome from thieves with the help of AX Protect experts by using covert technology. Another motorhome stolen at the same time, which only had a conventional tracker installed, was not recovered.

As advanced equipment, such as scanners that can detect traditional tracking units, becomes more prevalent, some criminals can easily remove these trackers and clone a vehicle's identity, making stolen vehicles almost untraceable. Caravan and motorhome businesses that often rely on conventional trackers to safeguard their vehicles from theft may become the latest targets for these sophisticated vehicle thieves. 

Additionally, caravans and motorhomes stolen during the winter and early spring may not be discovered until the holiday season restarts and they are taken out of storage. This highlights the need for a comprehensive approach to securing these high-value assets. 

The theft of two luxury motorhomes, worth a total of £120,000, from a hire firm in the North West of England has demonstrated the risk of relying on vulnerable tracking devices. Thanks to AX Track's covert technology, the stolen luxury motorhome was recovered just days later and led to the arrest of three men. The device went undetected by the thieves and tracked the vehicle to a commercial property in Blackburn. The police were immediately notified and the data from the device, along with CCTV footage, was made available to aid in the prosecution of the criminals.  

The owner of a motorhome dealership whose business has been established for over 40 years, said: “Criminals target this market because it is heavily based in rural areas with a lower police presence, while caravan and motorhomes remain difficult for police to identify when cloned – theft in the industry may represent the perfect crime.” 

Neil Thomas, Director of Investigative Services at AX Innovation commented:

“Many caravan and motorhome retail and hire companies aren’t necessarily aware of the risks posed by modern, sophisticated criminals – thinking their conventional trackers are a full-proof solution. Businesses and private owners need to make sure they are taking a comprehensive approach to the security of their prized assets.” 

Neil Thomas, Director of Investigative Services, AX Innovation


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Access your copy of our resource below, which highlights our most recent statistics and provides a visual breakdown of how our recovery process works. Our statistics cover the value of vehicles recovered in the last year and the average value of vehicles recovered. 

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