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What are the most stolen cars in the UK so far in 2023?

Car theft in the UK remains a problem, but there are measures you can take to prevent your car from being stolen and ensure the best chance of recovery if a theft occurs.

However, some vehicles are targeted more by criminals than others. In this blog, we’ll run through the most stolen cars in the UK in 2023.

1. Land Rover Range Rover

There was a 47% jump in the number of Range Rovers reported stolen to police between 2021 and 2022, which continued to rise into the early months of 2023. 

The rise in thefts has made it difficult for Range Rover owners in the London area to insure their vehicles. This is due to several reasons, including extremely high premiums and a reduction in firms that will insure them.

Our Director of Investigation Services, Neil Thomas, commented, "The problem for Range Rovers is not their security but their huge popularity here and abroad. A thief knows they can dispose of one very easily and for a good price, so they will invest in the technology they need to steal them. We haven’t yet encountered a stolen new-shape Range Rover, but when the thieves’ technology catches up, we expect to.”

We continue to work closely with vehicle manufacturers, dealerships and insurers and share relevant industry intelligence on how and where organised crime group involved in vehicle crime operate. 


2. Ford Fiesta

Ford Fiesta thefts rose sharply in 2022 and continued into 2023. According to DVLA statistics, 5,979 Fiestas were reported stolen in 2022, compared to 3,909 in 2021.

Ford also recently indicated that they'll stop producing Ford Fiestas in the future. Experts have predicted that this will increase the price of Fiesta parts, which means there may be an even higher risk of theft.

3. Ford Focus 

Over 2,000 Ford Focus models were stolen in the UK in 2022 — a 14.3% increase from 2021. Many of these figures are related to keyless car thefts, where a device is used to trick a car into thinking the key is close by, unlocking it and then starting the ignition.  

With keyless car thefts rising, you should take the necessary actions to prevent your car from being stolen by:

  • Putting your keys in a blocking pouch when they’re in your home. Also, remember to always protect the spare keys
  • Turn off your keyless entry on your fob when it isn’t in use
  • Have CCTV fitted to your home to act as a deterrent

There are also actions you can take if your car doesn't have keyless technology. These include:

  • Fit a visual deterrent to your car, such as a sturdy lock for the steering wheel
  • Park your car in a well-lit area and install CCTV at your property 
  • Have a Thatcham Approved, covert tracker fitted to your car 

4. Volkswagen Golf 

1,959 Volkswagen Golfs were stolen in the UK in 2022 and figures continue to rise into 2023. These cars offer great value for money, hence why they’re so popular. However, a strong correlation exists between registered Volkswagen Golfs and the number of these vehicles being stolen rising yearly. 

5. Mercedes-Benz C-Class

981 Mercedes-Benz C-Classes were reported stolen in 2022, which equates to 27 per 10,000. Although this may not seem like many, it equates to an average of 18 Mercedes-Benz C-Classes being stolen weekly in the UK. 

6. Audi A3

There are a lot of Audis on the roads in the UK, but one of the most stolen models in recent years is the Audi A3. In 2022, there were 805 Audi A3s stolen in the UK alone.

Although car theft has continued to rise in recent years, here at AX Track, we’re committed to doing our bit and helping tackle the problem. We might not be able to stop a vehicle from being stolen, but we can certainly provide the best chance of it being tracked and recovered.

Find out more AX Track and our mission to support with vehicle recovery 

We’ve been helping recover stolen vehicles for over a decade. The team has over 60 years' Policing experience combined with almost 20 years tackling vehicle theft in the private sector

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